February 24th sightings:

From a pre-Oscar party at the Sunset Marquis:

@Juicy_Couture: ”Spotted: Kirsten Dunst, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the Sunset Marquis.”

@MattDonnelly"Robert Pattinson sipping champagne in a tshirt and baseball cap. Oscars, I love you."

@taryder: ”Our favorite couple are here and sweet, looking after each other and not disappointing on the PDA” , ”Kristen is the s**t and…. That is all. Couldn’t have been more fun”

@gringocochino: ”Lautner. Swift. Stewart. Theron. Cyrus. o brien. Hemsworth Pattinson. Pharrell. Patton. Thicke. Britton. and the night has just begun” , “rob was wearing a hat and kristen was wearing a red plaid shirt. I’ll post my photos tomorrow”

@stoneymarie11: “Cute. Boss said at WM party, Kristen was walking away & Rob tugged her by her back pocket back to him. She laughed & they walked together.” 

    Later Rob and Kristen went for dinner at the Chateau Marmont:

    @heatworld: “just spotted a very loved up R-Pattz & K-Stew at the Chateau Marmont!”

    @sarahfitzm: “Chateau Marmont - R-padz & Kristen Stewart are here more together than ever” , “Robert had a cap on and was smoking, they walked through the bar holding hands and looked very cute, and very together”

    @claudiaciuffo: “Dying right now, having dinner at the Chateau Marmont, looking at Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.” , “It kills me that I’m right next to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and can’t take a picture. Annoying, but it’s the rules of the Chateau.” , “ My waiter is waitering the twilight couple Robert and Kristen at the Chateau. I told him I’m a fan of the movie.” , “The beautiful Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are having dinner right now with a couple of friends at the Chateau Marmont” , “Kristen just said goodbye to a friend and sat next to Rob. They talk animatedly, he drinks a beer, she has a coke.” , “The couple Rob and Kristen #Twilight just left the Chateau.”

    @deanpiper: “And R-Patz and Kristen Stewart looked super super loved up at Chateau Marmont too. Like his short hair. Both chain smoking in a corner.”

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