Rob: I’m trying to recreate my dvd shelf from when I was 17, I’m just working with every director I used to own.

Empire Magazine: Oh cool so what have you got coming up in terms of your dvd shelf cause I know you’re gonna be working with David Michôd and Guy Pearce which is really exciting.

Rob: Yeah, I’m doing some cool stuff! David Michôd, … I had … literally I had the dvd … Animal Kingdom I think is one of the best movies in the last 5 years. I’m really excited about working with him. (x)

Rob says Mission: Blacklist will start filming within the next couple of months (x)

I’m doing Mission: Blacklist #1 with Jean-Stephane Sauvaire who made Johnny Mad Dog, about Eric Maddox who is the interrogator who led the US to find Saddam Hussein. I hung out with Eric in Washington, he had just got back from Afghanistan, and he gave me the full run down, over 16 hours, of how he found Saddam Hussein. He has a photographic memory and talking through every single detail. Hopefully we will be shooting in Iraq, I think it’s going to be very cool. I’m also going to do David Michod’s new film The Rover, he’s part of this group called the Blue Tongue and I have been a fan of theirs for years and would watch all their short films on YouTube. They are a group of friends who have reinvigorated the entire Australian film community, they can all write, act and direct and they only employ Australians. I read the script and desperately auditioned for it, I think I’m the only non-Australian person in it.
Rob talking about Mission: Blacklist #1 and The Rover in Industria

Eric Maddox mentions Robert Pattinson


Eric Maddox who Robert Pattinson will be playing in Mission: Blacklist was on the radio earlier and there were a couple of mentions about Rob.

He just mentioned Robert Pattinson is starring in Mission: Blacklist. He got the FINAL DECISION on casting and he supports Rob’s casting.

RT  he said the decision was a no brainer :))

Maddox met with Robert Pattinson for 14 hours.

He realized Rob is someone very dedicated to his work.

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Rob to star in “Mission: Blacklist”

Robert Pattinson will star in “Mission: Blacklist,” a psychological thriller to be directed by Jean-Stephane Sauvaire that will be shopped at Cannes.

The film is based on the novel “Mission: Black List #1,” which was written by a man intimately involved in the capture of Saddam Hussein, military interrogator Eric Maddox.

Erik Jendressen, who wrote for and produced “Band of Brothers,” is adpating the screenplay.

(via thewrap & deadline)