Rob says Mission: Blacklist will start filming within the next couple of months (x)

All Cosmopolis press videos from Cannes - Toronto


Cinematrix - Rob says people will either love or hate Cosmopolis, really likes Budapest, and more

Scoop with RayaRob talks Cannes, Cosmopolis, movies he watched a million times, Twilight and more

ET - talks about critics perception of Cosmopolis

Allocine - talks about the prostate exam & more

Sky Cine - Rob & Kristen talk about their favorites in film

Rob says he would like to do movies like Cosmopolis for the rest of his career & more

France 3 - “What I liked about it at first was the cadence, the lyricism of the writing.”

Rob talks Kristen, Tom, and the Cosmopolis premiere

Pure Channel - Rob talks about how he got the part in Cosmopolis and more

Portugal’s National TV - talks Paulo Branco and more

Caracol - Rob says he loves the film industry (dubbed)

Rai News - speaks about Eric (dubbed)

Three videos from the premiere - two outside and one inside the theater

Berliner Blues - Rob and David talk about Cosmopolis


Rob talks about doing Twilight because of Kristen

Interview before the press conference

Interview from the premiere

Full press conference

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