Sofia Coppola Wants To Direct Rob Pattinson In A Quirky Romance Dramedy

Director Sofia Coppola, 40, thinks Twilight star Rob Pattinson, 25, should lighten his choice of roles with a quirky romance dramedy. 

“Sofia has wanted to work with Rob for a long time,” a movie exec tells “She thinks he would be great in a movie similar to Lost in Translation.”

And apparently, Sofia believes Rob could be her next muse to resurrect her own career.

“She is actually hoping to make a comeback with Rob. They have met a few times to discuss the project,” continues the source. “Sofia wants to write and direct the film but wants Rob to be involved as much as possible. She thinks Rob has a magnificent sense of humor and wants to show it off. She wants to show everyone his quirky, eccentric self.” (x)

Rob was spotted meeting with Sofia on 2/3, but this is just a rumor for now.

Rob & Kristen sighting at an airport in Paris

@LoveIsGreat_ met Rob and Kristen in Paris airport today

She got Kristen’s autograph here but not Rob’s and they said no to pictures.

Kristen told her she loves Paris and they were supposedly on the way to LA.

There have been a lot of fake sightings lately and this one could be too, but the autograph looks real, so who knows.

"Child 44" updates…

Rob is rumored to be attached to this film, Child 44. 

Here is the synopsis:

Rob would play Leo, a strong-willed former member of the Soviet state police who investigates a series of child killings that are being covered up by the very group he used to lead.

Ridley Scott is rumored to be directing and there have been a couple of people on Twitter who are talking about auditioning for the film lately: @maximbaldry, @Luke_T_Taylor

Nothing is confirmed, but we’ll keep you updated!

Robert Pattinson spotted in LA with Kristen Stewart

@AarenC_ColdplayOk, listen.I saw Robert and Kristen at JacknJills of Beverly Hills(about 2 thours ago) They looked like a cople married 50 years ^^

@AarenC_ColdplayWhat is happening? :D OMG! Yes, I saw Robert and Kristen.And no, the didnt kiss.They werent holding hans.His hand was on her shoulder :)

@AarenC_Coldplay: Robert was wearing a white v neck, a jacket and jeans with a baseball cap.And Kristen was wearing skinny jeans, a-tshirt and a jacket.

He also said they looked beautiful, Kristen’s hair is now short and brown, Rob is tall, Kristen is small, they were at Jack ‘n Jill’s (a restaurant) in Beverley Hills, etc.

Just a rumor for now. If Kristen really did get rid of her Snow White hair already, then we’ll be able to see if this is true or not. =]

There will be no Robert Pattinson on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 commentary

I suppose there is hope since the DVD isn’t going to be released for a few months, but right now, it’s not listed with the special features. Instead, the director, Bill Condon is doing the commentary solo.

How about we all complain to Summit? The commentary is one of the only good reasons for buying the DVD, they are going to lose major $$.

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Address: 1630 Stewart St, Santa Monica, CA 90404 
Phone: (310) 828-4132
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