All tweets about Rob & Kristen at the SWATH afterparty:

These are all first hand accounts from people who were at the party


For the #Robsten tweeps: best moment was when RPattz & KStew had their arms round each other as they chatted to guests #SWATHpremiere. Rob had his finger in Kristen’s jean pocket, they were giggling together and being cute #SWATH. They were talking to Lizzy and Kristen said something self-deprecating - Rob said ‘shut up! You’re amazing.’ He adores her #SWATHpremiere. Then Rob started talking to Lily Cole, posed for a few pics then went out the back #SWATHpremiere


I witnesses Robsten , I have a pic with Charlize, Sam had a convo with Josh and met Sam at the photo boot line haha. Kristen soo cute and Rob <3 And met well he asked us a q Marcus (Foster) lol not Sam (Bradley) but I have a pic with Sam lol. Rob was there with his baseball cap on :) and the only Pattinson I saw was Lizzy. And everyone ended up at the Stewart table Sam,Charlize,Chris, lol that’s where the party was at. Kristen was dancing to the live and I was like behind her and we smile to each other shes the cutest dancing there and having a blast. And Kristen hugging Rob and Rob holding her like her Jeans aww I died.

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